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Academicwriters.live is the best place where writers of any kind and specialty can find help, support, advice, decent resources, or even online freelance writing jobs. We welcome anyone who is interested in writing and it doesn’t matter if you’re a journalist, a freelancer, a student or even an aspiring author. Providing help and support is our main goal, as we believe that together we can achieve much more.


This can be about anything, you might create longreads and short articles, essays and web content for sites. Almost any company has a copywriter or two to manage websites and keep them active. Visit Weekly Essay to get more informationa about writer vacancy.


This requires very little creativity or ideas, as business-to-business is very formal and straightforward.


This is a quite simple form of writing, as many news websites require a columnist or someone like that. You pretty much create actual short notes for a news website.

Why We Are Devoted to Freelance Writing

Creative, Tech and Freelance Writing

  • Writing helps people to understand themselves.
  • There is a reason psychologist want people to write the things that worry them down as a therapy. When you write, you understand your true feelings and emotions.

  • Writing can make a big change in the world.
  • Quite often essay writers compose on complicated and important topics, and that has the capability to change the world. Writing matters, it spreads the word and allows more people to find out about a problem.

  • We love it.
  • Do you really need any other reason? We love writing and want more people to write better with our tips and apps that can help you achieve your goals. We can help you build a strong habit of writing day-by-day or give the advice on how to cope with block and distractions.

  • It allows us to educate people.
  • If you take a closer look, you’ll notice that there are many technical or academic writers online, and that tells you something. Different niches, like IT or medical niche get more and more popular as people are genuinely interested in learning more about that. It helps people find out more interesting things and information.

    Every writer can find something for them here, even a college student who needs to compose something two days before a deadline. We try to keep the platform interesting for everyone, from tech authors to poets. This requires different types of content.

    Types of Freelance Writing Jobs That Can Bring You Profit

    1. Blogs.
    2. Blog writing is easy and simple, especially if it’s about life issues or something not tech-oriented.

    3. Business plan writing.
    4. Is also really popular now, along with creating cases. You have to have some experience to be hired as business plan writer, but that niche pays a lot. Good writers can earn as much as $500 for a piece and big corporations or companies pay even more.

    5. Academic writing.
    6. This is an interesting niche and it always has some career options. The best thing about it is that constant education and new knowledge that you’re getting when writing custom papers for students.

    7. Tech writing.
    8. It can be on different topics and usually in requires precise knowledge of a subject.

    9. Legal.
    10. Legal topics are not for everyone and in most cases require some level of law education, but you can find it very interesting. You might draft contracts or do something connected to that, maybe check other contracts.

    As you see, writing can be interesting and profitable. As a person, you can choose something really close to your interests and enjoy working in the sphere. It takes some time to find clients and get your orders, but once you’re in the sphere, you won’t leave it.

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