What It Takes To Become A Sought-After Freelance Academic Writer

There are plentiful freelance writing jobs online, so for an aspiring writer finding jobs should not be difficult. Writing papers for busy students is one of the best ways to earn money during college.But it is another story if you want to be a successful and sought after writer especially if you want to be in the academic field. It might seem daunting and overwhelming but it can be achieved with a little effort on your part. Here are some practical tips to help you start your career in freelance academic writing.

  1. Find your niche
  2. Academic writing is different from other forms. You cannot write on all subjects and levels so you have to decide that in the beginning.

  3. Prepare yourself
  4. You have to find the nuances of the subject. You also have to be conversant with the different writing formats and styles generally used to write an academic paper on that subject. You may have to invest in a proper dictionary on the subject and also specialized writing software to help you maintain the format and the citations of the paper.

  5. Create portfolios
  6. The best way to attract clients in a freelance writing job is to present an impressive portfolio. As a newcomer, you can follow these simple steps to create your own –

    Guest Posts

    You can start writing guest posts. Generally there is no payment for these writings but you will get writing samples for your portfolio.


    You can also start a blog. The advantage is that you can write on topics that you find interesting on that subject. Treat your blog as your marketing tool and research on what topics to write on.

  7. Promote yourself
  8. You have to let people know that you are available for writing – against payments. Promote your blog in all possible ways to attract possible clients. The best way is to utilize the social media. Networking often produces amazing results and you might land your first client sooner than you anticipated. A satisfied client can provide you with a recommendation which is invaluable in the long run as word of mouth publicity matters among the student community.

  9. Join a forum
  10. Online groups, forums and communities of writers are a great place to belong. You exchange notes on writing, job opportunities and other aspects of the profession and they will help you as a professional. You also might consider the assignments on the job boards of these forums. They might fetch a low price but the exposure you will get is great.

  11. Get work
  12. Here are some ideas you can try to get high paid work.

    Job boards

    Several freelance writing job descriptions are advertised on job boards. Serious and quality clients post their ads regularly. Research well and search thoroughly and then apply which suits you.

    Classifieds sites

    You can post your ad in a classifieds sites. Provide a link to your portfolio. Students search these sites to find academic writers.

    Niche websites

    Some niche sites offer jobs in large volumes which might be helpful for a beginner. Some even provide you with a byline, which helps with your portfolio.

    Offline searches

    Often offline marketing for online writing jobs works. You can contact organizations, publication offices or even Institutes who deal with your subject to get online writing job.

These practical steps can help you to a successful freelance academic writing career. Just remember that if you are in the academic field then you have to keep yourself aware of the developments and trends on your subject and writing level. You may also have to guide your client in certain situations. Be patient and consistent in your writing and apply yourself for a successful career.