Finding Amazing Freelance Writing Jobs With No Experience

Freelancing entails different gigs, among them, being Essay Writing. As an essay writer, you need to understand as a generally short piece of writing outlining your arguments and opinions. Essays can be Narrative, Descriptive, Expository, or Persuasive. The good thing about essays, you give your views as you understand the topic; thus, it does not require you to have past experiences to have the article done.

 As a new and inexperienced essay freelancer, it may be not very easy for you to get essay writing jobs. That is why this article is here to let you understand the easiest ways to scale your way up in essay writing. Here are some of the ways to get you started;

  1. Cold Pitching

    It is the easiest way to land a recurring essay writing gig. You can do it by identifying and contacting bloggers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and companies and letting them know that you can do essays for them. 

  2. Follow Social Media Job Boards

    Following social media can help you land an essay writing opportunity or help you gain experience in essay writing.

  3. Ask Around

    Your environment, in terms of relatives and friends, can help you get leads to your first essay or asking around might help you secure a sample essay that you can learn from.

  4. Guest Posting Guest posting involves you sacrificing in writing an essay and posting it on a popular site. With this, your audience might be millions of viewers, and one of them might be a potential client.
  5. Get in Touch with Other Freelancers

    You can do your essay freelancing jobs through building a network with other freelancers. You will get an opportunity to interact and get their opinion on essay writing. One of them may offer you an essay even without any experience in writing the essay. The same freelancers can also refer other clients to you, and this may be your starting point.

    There are many essay freelancing sites that do not require experience for you to write like;

  6. Fiverr

    You don’t need the expertise to write an essay with Fiverr; you only need to be creative and have a passion for writing. Fiverr is one of the simplest essay writing sites that you can use to grow your writing skills and scale up your online writing.

  7. Upwork

    Upwork offers you a free platform for you to write essays without necessarily looking at your experience in essay writing. With Upwork, you will get connected to so many clients in need of articles, and you will build your essay writing profile from here.

  8. Writer Access

    Writer Access offers a platform that covers a wide variety of freelancing topics, including essay writing. Even without experience, you can do your essay successfully. Writer Access lets you make use of tools such as content planner, keyword optimization, and content analytics that can always correct and guide you whenever you are doing your essay.

  9. Freelancer

    To join the freelancer freelance marketplace, you don’t need any experience, but it’s a place to start building your essay writing carrier. It lets you connect with many clients and other essay-writing freelancers from which you can earn a great experience.

Essay freelancing, like any other freelancing, requires a passion that will result in inexperienced. It requires that you identify ideas and present them in a given topic as opinions thus experience come last. With time in exercising your passion, you will always gain experience and make essay writing business.